Building of house made of timber and cylindering.

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Nowadays, building of houses and bath houses from natural and ecologically clean materials is very popular. It is hard to find a material cleaner than wood, but if a house is made of clean material it improves your health. We will help you to build good, beautiful and modern house or bath house with comfort, made of the whole log or round log, uncut or chopped timber.

“Wooden houses of Siberia” company has been building wooden houses and bath houses for 10 years. Our production basis is situated in Krasnoyarsk area. We have our own logging industry, what is very important, especially for storing wood and building wooden bath houses and houses. We have our own manufacturing basis of sawn goods. Storing of wood for making log houses accomplishes only in winter season, when pine and larch tree contains minimum of water. As experience shows, it is better to make log houses only from winter wood. We produce houses and bath houses on turn-key of any complexity. We work in our region and in other regions of Russia, and also we have an experience of sending log houses abroad. For example one of our last projects of “Wooden houses of Siberia” company was implemented in Mumbai (India). You always have a possibility to have a look at our projects. Wooden houses always were valuable in Russia. History of wooden house-building have last for15 centuries.

Round log – modern traditions of building. Wood is time-honored traditional material, that’s why wooden houses are always perceived not like the others. Wood is a great feature of “ancestral nest” where the main things are coziness and calmness, warmth and happiness. If to talk about functional performance of round log which modern cabins are built of, they completely correspond the impression of wooden houses.