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Prices for bath houses made of timber.

There is nothing better than taking a steam bath in weekends after a hard working week. If there is also a pond near, where you can jump after steaming, it makes unforgettable feeling. Our company “Wooden houses of Siberia” offers bath houses made of timber to everyone who wishes. Prices for these buildings, first of all depend on the volume of a building. We also build bath houses made of carved timber and chopped bath houses.

How much does it cost to build a bath house?

The price of bath house made of timber contains several fragments. The fragments are:

  • Sizes of building;
  • Material which was used in building;
  • Project of building;
  • Delivery;
  • Setting;
  • Material of putty;
  • Boiler, and so on

Prices for bath houses made of timber depend on first three items much. For example, chopped bath houses (made of chopped log), are cheaper than bath houses made of cylindered log. Their prices are not very different, but to save 10-20 thousands rubles for just one timber is quiet possible. That’s why before starting to building you should calculate everything for building not to last several years. If you are not sure if you can calculate the price for a bath house or the price for designing a bath house, you can ask help from our consultants. They will cheerfully help you with your calculations.

To build a bath house made of timber, whose price isn’t more than 150-200 thousand rubles is quite possible. The main thing is not to expect some monumental building. But not big, cozy bath house for 3-4 people is quite possible to be built. The main thing is to take this work seriously and not to ignore our experts’ advices.


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Wooden houses Siberia.

Location: city Krasnoyarsk, ul. 2nd Bryansk 47-A.

E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel. (391) 206-95-35

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To buy framings in Krasnoyarsk.

Nowadays, framings in Krasnoyarsk are being sold by a big amount of companies. Our company “Wooden houses of Siberia” is one of the few in Krasnoyarsk which has an agreement with loggers about unceasing direct deliveries of quality wood. Having such agreements lets us lower the costs and offer everyone who wishes to buy framings from timber in Krasnoyarsk for very low prices, and also losing quality is out of question. That’s why houses and bath houses made of timber by “wooden houses of Siberia” company will serve you more than a dozen of years. Depends on proper building and caring, of course.

Buying framing in Krasnoyarsk

Before buying a framing in Krasnoyarsk it is necessary to decide if you are going to use standard project or individual project. It is faster to build a framing using standard project, but individual project has its own flavor which belongs only to you. You can buy a framing in Krasnoyarsk from “Wooden houses of Siberia” company made of:

  • Round log;
  • Chopped log;
  • Carved and not carved timber.

You shouldn’t be skeptical of houses which are built on framing from timber basic. Modern level of development in building from wood lets us make a house made of timber, that’s what a capital building which is comfortable for living in summer and in winter. To buy a framing from timber in Krasnoyarsk from “Wooden houses of Siberia” company – it is not only to get usual logs, but treated by special composition timber. Besides, we also treat framings in Krasnoyarsk after the construction of the whole building. So you can be sure in absence of mold and fungi for many and many years.

Framings from “Wooden houses of Siberia” company in Krasnoyarsk – it is high quality and low prices.


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Houses and bath houses made of  timber:

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To what you should pay attention before buying framings?

Framing is the foundation of your country house. You can buy house framing for not expensive price, but if it will be built not well or from bad materials, other components of your house won’t be able to function right. When you order log houses in Krasnoyarsk or in any other city, it is necessary to pay attention firstly to the quality of chopping. If you find the framing price too expensive, maybe it would be better for you to order smaller size framing, but not to skimp on quality.

You can buy a house framing of good quality from “Wooden houses of Siberia” company in Krasnoyarsk. We have been working on building of wooden houses market more than 10 years and we have recommended ourselves as safe company, which builds good houses and offers its customers log houses from round log, as well as log houses from timber and its prices are quite low in Krasnoyarsk.

Log houses from “Wooden houses of Siberia” company

Our company builds log houses from north wood. Such log houses in Krasnoyarsk have these advantages:

  • Having less risk of shrinkage;
  • Having less risk of rotting;
  • Having less risk of cracks appearing;
  • Absence of mold;
  • Having less risk of the blue which often appears on framings.

Log houses from timber – it is alternative least-cost option.

You can buy not only standard framings from logs, but also house framing made of timber in Krasnoyarsk. Log houses from timber have all advantages of wooden houses and their prices are quite lower in Krasnoyarsk, but the house made of timber price is much lower. Hand-made chopping, round log and timber have their advantages and disadvantages as well. Final decision is up to you, and we will suggest you dozens of ready solutions and standard projects, or we will work on a project by your individual order.

You can buy not only ready house framing for not expensive price if to compare with its high quality, but also to buy ready framing of bath house.

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Out-of town properties of new generation.

Country houses exist more than a dozen of years in our country. At the beginning, there were only country villas made of planks or framings, but then they became massive brick or stone cottages. Nowadays, customers who want to buy out-of-town properties in Krasnoyarsk and other cities of Russia wish to get not only warm and beautiful, but also ecologically clean house. The last case determines wooden houses made of round timber or houses made of carved timber. “Wooden houses of Siberia” company can build a house made of timber for the price which corresponds to its high quality.

Advantages of houses made of timber

The main advantages of building houses made of timber in Krasnoyarsk are:

  • House made of timber price will be a little lower than hand-made house’s price, but all advantages of unique natural material which is wood, is saved in houses made of carved timber and in houses made of round timber;
  • Private house made of timber will perfectly suit to any surrounding environment;
  • Besides, to build a house made of timber means to care about your health and health of your family because wood has a healing impact on human organism and gives life energy which is so important in the modern world. There is no doubt in ecological safety of wooden houses.
  • Durability of wooden houses is proved by lots of architectural monuments of antiquity, which are unchanged to the present day. (Kizhi, Zaostrovskiy pogost and so on);
  • To build a house made of timber means to create a house where it will be cool in summer and warm in winter.

Building houses made of timber in Krasnoyarsk

Building houses made of timber in Krasnoyarsk offers you a lot of organizations and private crews. “Wooden houses of Siberia” company offers you building of houses made of timber with several technologies what lets future owners choose the optimal variant. As we have been building houses made of timber in Krasnoyarsk more than 10 years, we collected almost 200 ready projects of wooden buildings and you can choose any of them which you like the most. If you have some special wishes about your future private house made of timber, we can offer you building of a house on turn-key made of timber in Krasnoyarsk according to your wishes. Building of houses on turn-key is in demand in Krasnoyarsk, as well as building of bath houses made of timber. We can build a house made of timber for you and its price will be optimal to its quality for year-round living or for season living. Second variant is obviously cheaper. If you have any questions about houses made of timber prices you can call us and we will help you to choose optimal variant! Besides, you can buy ready framing from timber.

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Log house or house from timber?

Prices for houses from round log which are a little higher than prices for houses from cylindered timber are usually in great demand in Krasnoyarsk. This is due to the beauty of house or bath house which are built using framings from round log.

If you don’t know which variant to choose, we will tell you about these materials:

  • Framings from round log are subject to shrinkage as well as houses from round log in Krasnoyarsk. That’s why after building is over it is recommended to wait one year before decorating inside the house. But there is an opinion which says that houses from cylindered timber take their final form and shape faster.
  • Houses made of timber crack less if to compare with houses made of round log. You can learn the prices in details from “Wooden houses of Siberia” company in Krasnoyarsk.
  • Timber houses are warmer than log houses.
  • As timber is a light material, building a house from it takes less resources, for example there is no need to lay solid foundation or to strengthen walls.
  • Yet, framing from round log doesn’t need any decoration outside. The price is comparable with high quality of used materials by our company. In reverse, a house made of timber needs shingling or lining, what directly increases the final house price.

Wooden houses for any taste

Every person has his own picture of country house or bath house in his mind. Somebody needs, for example, real Russian bath house which looks properly and beneficially influences to an organism, making it healthier and younger. In this case houses from round log would be perfect variant. All prices for building bath houses are given on our site. You can buy ready framing of bath house. For other people the main thing could be financial benefit, they would prefer private house made of timber. Third ones, in reverse, could wish to build on their land some cabin from fairytale. Framing from round log, whose price is a little higher than houses from timber price, will help you to recover the dream of your childhood. “Wooden houses of Siberia” company has been building wooden structures for more than 10 years. The company offers you houses and bath houses from round log, whose prices are optimal to the high quality of work and materials.

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Houses from timber in Krasnoyarsk

“Wooden houses of Siberia” company offers you building houses from timber in Krasnoyarsk. Not expensive houses on turn-key from timber – it is great alternative to the hand-made houses from a whole log. They save all useful wood properties, but still they are much cheaper for a customer.

We have been working on wood building market more than 10 years. Building houses made of timber in Krasnoyarsk we follow these principles of work:

  • Quality – house made of timber from our company is built of north wood;
  • Safety – building houses made of timber from our company in Krasnoyarsk is strictly controlled on each stage of the work;
  • Our own equipment lets us sell houses on turn-key made of timber for not expensive price;
  • Having highly qualified crew lets us build a house made of timber in the shortest time;
  • Affordable price of house made of timber will pleasantly surprise you.

Why are houses made of timber so good?

Wooden houses included house made of timber in Krasnoyarsk or in any other city – it causes health for the whole family. Advantages of such houses are:

  • Fast building;
  • Houses made of timber are ecological. Price for its building is obviously lower than building usual wooden house price;
  • It has good operating properties and strength;
  • House made of timber in Krasnoyarsk doesn’t need massive foundation.

We gathered our practical experience and dozens of projects of model houses and wooden buildings for years. Yet, we welcome individual approach to each customer what lets us make a unique design of wooden houses made of timber for any taste and for any price. Besides, we offer you quality ready framings of houses made of timber, their prices will pleasantly surprise you.

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Advantages of houses from cylindering

People often call houses from round log as houses made of cylindering. What is it – cylindering?

Round log is universal material for building wooden country house or bath house. Framing from such logs has these advantages:

  • Attractive look;
  • Ecological;
  • Good indoor climate – in winter it is warm in such houses, but in summer it is cool;
  • Warm and cozy atmosphere in the house;
  • Natural energy;
  • Perfect correspondence of price and quality of houses made of cylindering.

What is cylindering?

Cylindering of logs – It is a procedure of woodworking which is being produced on a special machine. As quality as possible preparation of log for its usage in building of a framing, this is what cylindering is. Krasnoyarsk, as well as another cities has dozens of companies which build wooden houses. “Wooden houses of Siberia” company offers you different options of houses from cylindering in Krasnoyarsk. We offer dozens of ready projects, and also we work on individual project. Our projecting experts have a huge experience of work and they can make really unique wooden houses and also they can make beautiful bath houses made of chopped log. You can buy ready framings from round log and build a house to your taste, but we advise you to go to professionals, who have a big experience of working in building of wooden houses industry, for example, to “Wooden houses of Siberia” company.

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Log buildings baths in Krasnoyarsk

Since ancient Russia times, bath has been not only a place where you can wash yourself, but also the place where you can relax and take away your tiredness. Modern bath houses which are situated inside houses made of brick or stone don’t let completely enjoy the ceremony. Only wooden bath house is able to bring joy to the real followers of bath procedures. You can buy wooden bath house framing from “Wooden houses of Siberia” company in Krasnoyarsk. We build log buildings baths, whose price is lower than most of competitors’ price in Krasnoyarsk. It is possible because of constant delivery of wood directly from suppliers, leaving behind intermediaries and second-hand dealers.

Wooden bath houses – unchangeable traditions for centuries.

Bath houses made of wood were protecting not only physical health, but also peace of mind of Kievan Russia, Moscow Principality, Russian Empire, Soviet Union, and now Russian citizens. We renew ancient traditions and offer you log buildings baths in Krasnoyarsk made of:

You can buy a bath house framing from many companies, but not all of them have experienced professionals, who are able to place quality framing in a short time. There are two options of getting a bath house. To buy ready bath house framing or to make individual or standard project. Second option is more likable because it gives your bath house at least a little originality. The price of log buildings baths in Krasnoyarsk depends on the kind of wood it was made of. Building of log buildings baths from «Wooden houses of Siberia» company in Krasnoyarsk is being done only by professionals with big working experience. Log buildings baths which are bought from our company will serve you dozens of years.


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Традиции русской бани_EN

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Traditions of Russian bath

Even in ancient times, traditional Russian bath was used as the main cure from “body and souls’ ailments”. If you are lucky to become owner of a country house, building a bath house is going to be the main thing after building of a house itself. Price for building a bath house is different from other companies. Building bath houses is very responsible work and we take it very seriously. “Wooden houses of Siberia” company builds bath houses on turn-key. We will not only place a quality framing or build a bath house made of timber, but we will also do all decoration works inside.

Building of bath houses on turn-key in Krasnoyarsk.

Building of bath houses on turn-key in Krasnoyarsk became very popular because customer doesn’t have to search for materials, to hire workers for various works and so on. Your main job before starting to build a bath house is choice of a place for building on your land. Bath house price is quite affordable in Krasnoyarsk. It is better to build a bath house on the south part of your land and to place windows on the north part. If a bath house is situated near a river or a pool, its value grows twice, because it is so pleasant to jump to cold water after a hot bath.

What is necessary to know about building bath houses?

The main thing which you need to know about building bath houses in Krasnoyarsk is that there are two kinds of bath houses - log bath houses and bath houses made of timber. The differences between them are:

  • Building bath houses from framing makes perfect climate inside the bath house. Such bath house will always keep warm inside.
  • North wood which we use for building bath houses in Krasnoyarsk has high density and it soaks wetness less, that’s why our bath house framings are so qualitative.
  • Building bath houses made of timber takes obviously less time.
  • Building bath houses made of timber, as well as building bath houses from log, let us use natural materials such as jute, moss, flax wadding and so on.
  • Building bath houses in Krasnoyarsk is a process which takes very long time and strength, because it needs a year as minimum for contraction of a timber or a framing.
  • Building bath houses made of timber is more beneficial than bath houses made of chopped log. Price for a bath house made of timber will be less, especially if not to spend on designing walls outside.

Alternative to Russian bath

If you haven’t got a country house or summer cottage with big land yet, but you are keen on your health, alternative option to bath house can be building saunas in usual apartment in Krasnoyarsk. Building saunas in Krasnoyarsk is very hard work and it is necessary to get permission from different instances. Yet, the result is worth all the efforts. For building saunas in Krasnoyarsk we often use conifer wood.

Come to “Wooden houses of Siberia” company and we will offer you the best variants of correspondence of price/quality, it doesn’t matter if it is building of bath house made of timber, placing a sauna in apartment, ready bath house framings or building a bath house on turn-key made of chopped log!