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To buy framings in Krasnoyarsk.

Nowadays, framings in Krasnoyarsk are being sold by a big amount of companies. Our company “Wooden houses of Siberia” is one of the few in Krasnoyarsk which has an agreement with loggers about unceasing direct deliveries of quality wood. Having such agreements lets us lower the costs and offer everyone who wishes to buy framings from timber in Krasnoyarsk for very low prices, and also losing quality is out of question. That’s why houses and bath houses made of timber by “wooden houses of Siberia” company will serve you more than a dozen of years. Depends on proper building and caring, of course.

Buying framing in Krasnoyarsk

Before buying a framing in Krasnoyarsk it is necessary to decide if you are going to use standard project or individual project. It is faster to build a framing using standard project, but individual project has its own flavor which belongs only to you. You can buy a framing in Krasnoyarsk from “Wooden houses of Siberia” company made of:

  • Round log;
  • Chopped log;
  • Carved and not carved timber.

You shouldn’t be skeptical of houses which are built on framing from timber basic. Modern level of development in building from wood lets us make a house made of timber, that’s what a capital building which is comfortable for living in summer and in winter. To buy a framing from timber in Krasnoyarsk from “Wooden houses of Siberia” company – it is not only to get usual logs, but treated by special composition timber. Besides, we also treat framings in Krasnoyarsk after the construction of the whole building. So you can be sure in absence of mold and fungi for many and many years.

Framings from “Wooden houses of Siberia” company in Krasnoyarsk – it is high quality and low prices.