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Prices for bath houses made of timber.

There is nothing better than taking a steam bath in weekends after a hard working week. If there is also a pond near, where you can jump after steaming, it makes unforgettable feeling. Our company “Wooden houses of Siberia” offers bath houses made of timber to everyone who wishes. Prices for these buildings, first of all depend on the volume of a building. We also build bath houses made of carved timber and chopped bath houses.

How much does it cost to build a bath house?

The price of bath house made of timber contains several fragments. The fragments are:

  • Sizes of building;
  • Material which was used in building;
  • Project of building;
  • Delivery;
  • Setting;
  • Material of putty;
  • Boiler, and so on

Prices for bath houses made of timber depend on first three items much. For example, chopped bath houses (made of chopped log), are cheaper than bath houses made of cylindered log. Their prices are not very different, but to save 10-20 thousands rubles for just one timber is quiet possible. That’s why before starting to building you should calculate everything for building not to last several years. If you are not sure if you can calculate the price for a bath house or the price for designing a bath house, you can ask help from our consultants. They will cheerfully help you with your calculations.

To build a bath house made of timber, whose price isn’t more than 150-200 thousand rubles is quite possible. The main thing is not to expect some monumental building. But not big, cozy bath house for 3-4 people is quite possible to be built. The main thing is to take this work seriously and not to ignore our experts’ advices.