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Advantages of houses from cylindering

People often call houses from round log as houses made of cylindering. What is it – cylindering?

Round log is universal material for building wooden country house or bath house. Framing from such logs has these advantages:

  • Attractive look;
  • Ecological;
  • Good indoor climate – in winter it is warm in such houses, but in summer it is cool;
  • Warm and cozy atmosphere in the house;
  • Natural energy;
  • Perfect correspondence of price and quality of houses made of cylindering.

What is cylindering?

Cylindering of logs – It is a procedure of woodworking which is being produced on a special machine. As quality as possible preparation of log for its usage in building of a framing, this is what cylindering is. Krasnoyarsk, as well as another cities has dozens of companies which build wooden houses. “Wooden houses of Siberia” company offers you different options of houses from cylindering in Krasnoyarsk. We offer dozens of ready projects, and also we work on individual project. Our projecting experts have a huge experience of work and they can make really unique wooden houses and also they can make beautiful bath houses made of chopped log. You can buy ready framings from round log and build a house to your taste, but we advise you to go to professionals, who have a big experience of working in building of wooden houses industry, for example, to “Wooden houses of Siberia” company.