Project DB-16


Total area of house – 128,9 m2


 Complete set of project 10 x 11 of log houses:

  • Hand-made framing with places for verandah and front porch steps;
  • Battens on the first floor and coverings from log beams;
  • Red moss from the north for lining on framing lines;
  • Rafter system and enclosure of mansard roof;
  • Lath on a roof;
  • Pediments are shingled
  • Carcass of verandah;
  • Consumables (nails, staples);
  • Covering of roof is tar paper;
  • Delivery until Moscow ring road and unloading;
  • Assembling the whole set and putting a tar paper on roof.

You can also order incomplete set of assembling framing works and economize on it.


Price: learn from the company.