Project №14


Total area: 279,7 sq.m.

Foundation: monolithic

Outside walls: timber

Bridging: by wooden beams

Roof: attic

Covering: Asphalt shingle

Outside designing: facing brick

Socle: Putilovskaya tiles

This respectable mansion will definitely attract even the most exigent customers. This project offers the full set of rooms for comfortable life: garage for two cars, sauna with pool, big two lit living room with a fireplace. Any housewife would appreciate the laundry room in this house. Suitable to interior stairs lead to the second floor, where there is a spacious gym with height of 3.7 meters ceiling. Also second floor includes three bedrooms and two bathrooms. From the owner’s bedroom it is possible to pass to a private office and then to gym. The house doesn’t have a basement, what makes the construction cheaper, easy built and comfortable in exploitation. There is a variant of project with changed planning.


Price: learn from the company.