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Log buildings baths in Krasnoyarsk

Since ancient Russia times, bath has been not only a place where you can wash yourself, but also the place where you can relax and take away your tiredness. Modern bath houses which are situated inside houses made of brick or stone don’t let completely enjoy the ceremony. Only wooden bath house is able to bring joy to the real followers of bath procedures. You can buy wooden bath house framing from “Wooden houses of Siberia” company in Krasnoyarsk. We build log buildings baths, whose price is lower than most of competitors’ price in Krasnoyarsk. It is possible because of constant delivery of wood directly from suppliers, leaving behind intermediaries and second-hand dealers.

Wooden bath houses – unchangeable traditions for centuries.

Bath houses made of wood were protecting not only physical health, but also peace of mind of Kievan Russia, Moscow Principality, Russian Empire, Soviet Union, and now Russian citizens. We renew ancient traditions and offer you log buildings baths in Krasnoyarsk made of:

You can buy a bath house framing from many companies, but not all of them have experienced professionals, who are able to place quality framing in a short time. There are two options of getting a bath house. To buy ready bath house framing or to make individual or standard project. Second option is more likable because it gives your bath house at least a little originality. The price of log buildings baths in Krasnoyarsk depends on the kind of wood it was made of. Building of log buildings baths from «Wooden houses of Siberia» company in Krasnoyarsk is being done only by professionals with big working experience. Log buildings baths which are bought from our company will serve you dozens of years.