The best material for decoration of a bath house is wood

Except of building bath houses made of timber and bath houses from cylindered log “Wooden houses of Siberia” company offers its customers such service as designing a bath house or a house inside with wood.There are only high-qualified experts with big experience of work and with all necessary equipment for work in our company.

In 99 cases from 100, wood is used for decorating bath houses in Krasnoyarsk. This material with unique features not only provides good looking interior, but also helps to make unique atmosphere and to fill it with fresh fragrance.

What is necessary to know about decoration of a bath house inside?

When you start decorating a bath house inside it is necessary to remember that using one type of wood for all rooms and surfaces is the main mistake. Decoration of bath houses in Krasnoyarsk perfectly must be done like this:

  • Deciduous trees or lime-trees are used for steamy room, but using pine, in reverse, not recommended, because this type of wood produce resin in hot temperature;
  • Coniferous species are used for dressing-room decoration of bath house inside because its healthy fragrance creates a great view of healthy procedures and pleasant rest;
  • In washing room, where there is usually high level of humidity, better to use fir or pine shingling. Shingled bath house with coniferous species of tree, which are rot-resistance and waterproof, in addition, a beautiful interior. Except of shingling a bath house, for decoration are used drywall, PVC-panels, tiles, pebble and so on.;
  • In decoration of bath houses it is necessary to pay attention to the floor. Tradition covering is oak floor, but it is very slippery, that’s why it is dangerous for injuries. More practical variant would be wood of coniferous species.

You can see our works and different variants of wood decoration of houses and bath houses in our gallery HERE