Individual method of building a house – hand-made houses

History of building log houses in Krasnoyarsk, as well as in all Russia, has last for not one century. No matter how far technical progress has been going, nothing can be compared with careful hands of an expert. That’s why hand-made houses are not only beautiful, but they are also the way to reproduce the warmth of ancient forest to your house. Individual method of chopping each log by an expert will provide security and durability to your house. Framings are very demand not only in Russia but in Finland and in other countries also.

Hand-made houses and bath houses in Krasnoyarsk

If you are going to live in a country house constantly, choose log houses. “Wooden houses of Siberia” company offers you hand-made house and bath house framings from Angara pine. It is one of the best variants of building log houses in Krasnoyarsk and other regions of Russia. The point is that strong north pine from Krasnodar region grows very slowly in inclement weather conditions. Width of annual rings isn’t very big here, that’s why north wood is so dense. Commonly thought that the price of framing from Angara pine is very high, but it isn’t true. Our main aim is to create a perfect chopped house, which will be optimal for you to correspondence of “price/quality”.

Advantages of building a hand-made house

Hand-made houses have a list of incontestable advantages among other variants of wooden houses:

  • Materials for building log houses are chosen very carefully;
  • Such houses provide natural climate which isn’t damaged by technical interference;
  • Great ecology;
  • You will be surrounded by unique atmosphere of warmth and coziness in wooden house;
  • Unique type of chopped house will make it natural monument as the time passes;
  • Besides, your state of health will be supported by nature energy of ancient trees..

Choppers’ carpentry secrets are being kept from generation to generation. Using the secrets of mastership in creating chopped houses allows keeping exact verticality of axes, rejecting as defective rotten logs, providing dense fit of logs to each other in bowls and rabbets and lots of other things.

Planners of “Wooden houses of Siberia” company built more than 200 chopped houses, bath houses and arbors of different architectural styles by projects. However, if you didn’t find your unique variant among all of this variety, we will create it for you.

Ordering log houses from “Wooden houses of Siberia” company you are getting:

  • Quality house for fair price;
  • Strong, durable and cozy house, which is built with care and love by the best choppers in Krasnoyarsk;
  • Great service and careful relation to customers!

Except of hand-made houses we also offer you houses made of cylindered timber and houses made of timber whose prices will be a little lower.

Believe us, nothing can compare with coziness of wooden house. It will really become a source of your family’s happiness!

You can choose a project for your house or bath house HERE.

You can see building works of chopped houses and bath houses in our GALLERY.