Before starting any building it is necessary to choose a project of future house. It is important to choose a project of house which would be not only likable in appearance, but also to be convenient functionally and technically adjusted, it must be secure and practical to use. There are projects introduced on our site, which will help you to choose your preferences. They are projects of houses and cottages, which can be used for constant living, and also variants of small summer houses. Maybe you will choose some specific project or you will want to  make changes in the project and complete it with your own ideas..

Price for projecting wooden houses services in “Wooden houses of Siberia” company is just 150 rubles for m2 of area.

Projects of hand-made houses and bath houses from cylindered log

Projects of houses made of timber

We offer several opportunities of work for our customers. If you liked some project of house represented on our site, we can build exactly the same for you, or to take it as a basic for creating an individual project. Developing and changing a project of wooden house, our architects will offer you interesting construction solutions or show original details. We work similarly with any other ready projects of houses, which you give us for reworking and possible for development. Projects of wooden houses presented in gallery are not the all set of houses which we produce, we build by our customers’ projects very often. You can come to us with your developments or ready projects.