На что обратить внимание при покупке сруба?_EN

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To what you should pay attention before buying framings?

Framing is the foundation of your country house. You can buy house framing for not expensive price, but if it will be built not well or from bad materials, other components of your house won’t be able to function right. When you order log houses in Krasnoyarsk or in any other city, it is necessary to pay attention firstly to the quality of chopping. If you find the framing price too expensive, maybe it would be better for you to order smaller size framing, but not to skimp on quality.

You can buy a house framing of good quality from “Wooden houses of Siberia” company in Krasnoyarsk. We have been working on building of wooden houses market more than 10 years and we have recommended ourselves as safe company, which builds good houses and offers its customers log houses from round log, as well as log houses from timber and its prices are quite low in Krasnoyarsk.

Log houses from “Wooden houses of Siberia” company

Our company builds log houses from north wood. Such log houses in Krasnoyarsk have these advantages:

  • Having less risk of shrinkage;
  • Having less risk of rotting;
  • Having less risk of cracks appearing;
  • Absence of mold;
  • Having less risk of the blue which often appears on framings.

Log houses from timber – it is alternative least-cost option.

You can buy not only standard framings from logs, but also house framing made of timber in Krasnoyarsk. Log houses from timber have all advantages of wooden houses and their prices are quite lower in Krasnoyarsk, but the house made of timber price is much lower. Hand-made chopping, round log and timber have their advantages and disadvantages as well. Final decision is up to you, and we will suggest you dozens of ready solutions and standard projects, or we will work on a project by your individual order.

You can buy not only ready house framing for not expensive price if to compare with its high quality, but also to buy ready framing of bath house.